Mini Tech-10 polishing pads

SKU: 33-275


Hi-Tech Diamond mini Tech-10 polishing pads are used for polishing material such as stones and glass. They are designed to be used on our mini disc holders to polish the nooks and crannies of small material and jewelry pieces.

Use with cerium oxide, tin oxide or our diamond paste. Charge mini Tech-10 polishing pads with one of these before use. They come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that easily bonds to our mini disc holders. The mini disc holders are used with a ForedomDremel with 1/8″ collet, or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 1/8″ diameter shank.

Mini Tech-10 polishing pads are available in four different sizes. They are the same as our 6" and 8" Tech-11 polish pads except smaller. Please note that these are the mini Tech-10 polishing pads ONLY. The mini disc holders are NOT included and sold separately.

Sizes available

  • .5" diameter – comes in 5pc pack
  • .75" diameter – comes in 5pc pack
  • 1" diameter – comes in 5pc pack
  • 1.5" diameter – comes in 5pc pack

Please note: Only use one grit per mini Tech-10 polishing pad. Do not mix different grits on the same pad. The recommended RPM for these mini Tech-10 polishing pads is between 3,000 (minimum) – 5,000 (maximum).

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