Electroplated diamond discs

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Hi-Tech Diamond electroplated diamond discs provide a flat grinding surface for both rough and fine grinding on stones and glass. Top-grade diamond powder is nickel electroplated uniformly onto a 1mm-thick steel disc, resulting in the highest quality disc available on the market. These diamond discs have a long lifespan because they are made of steel and are well-suited for more heavy-duty grinding. Diamond discs are used on our All-U-Need and Slant Cabber lap machines, and can be used on all other lap machines that accept 1/2″ arbors.

6″ and 8″ diameter discs are available in a large variety of different diamond grits. All diamond discs are available with or without a 3M pressure-sensitive, high-tack adhesive backing on the backside. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and apply to a backing plate for a permanent application.

Purchasing notes: Max RPM is 4,000. Discs require a backing plate. We recommend purchasing disc bushings with diamond discs that are not permanently bound to a backing plate, such as the discs without adhesive backings, to prevent all possible vibration and off-centered alignment that may occur.

Customer Reviews

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Electroplated Discs from Hi Tech

I'm a newly emerging cabber who came across the Hi Tech brand while researching cabbing machines. It's a compact, affordable machine with a wide variety of different gritted discs. These electroplated diamond discs stand up very well to the grinding and shaping of my rocks. They are easy to clean and seem to be holding up well.

Mark H
Quality Products

I have been using the 8" flat lap for several months now. I have tried 8" disks from other venders and they started showing rust and don't work as well. I can tell by looking at the the quality of Hi-Tech products are much better. I will be coming back for sure.

C E Hickman
Fantastic tools

These two disks are just what I needed. Not my first purchase from Hi-Tech, and not my last. Quality products at a very good price.

Merrill Sorenson
A product I can rely on, every time.

If used right, these grinding discs and smoothing discs will produce beautiful results every time. It just takes a little time to find the right sequence that works for you.

Gayle Colvin
Go no further than here for all your gemstone jewelry making needs

Do you think stand out is most important when you purchase something, the customer service during and after; and the quality of the product being bought. On both of these you cannot do better than this company. They go beyond anything you could imagine to make sure your questions are answered your needs are met, and any problems that you have a resolved (even if your own making). there is no doubt you pay a little bit more for their products especially their electroplated diamond grinding discs and smoothing discs, but that’s also because they’re going to last you a very long time, and there of the caliber of quality.

I don’t recommend lightly, because anytime I tried in the past two off and one is of happening is there’s issues that come back to bite me, but I have no doubt when it comes to this company that will never happen, Nor will their products ever fail. Nor their customer service.

Because of the aforementioned quality product and customer service, I have numerous machines and accessories as a consequence. I could go cheaper and I would get cheaper quality, and be disappointing in the long run. You’re not saving money if you’re not getting quality. With high tech diamond you will always get quality.

So as I said go no further you found the right place to shop.

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