Thin notched diamond saw blade

SKU: SB04-009

Blade Specifications:

Important purchasing note: If you see "unavailable" when choosing a blade, check other core/kerf options.

The Hi-Tech Diamond silver, thin notched diamond saw blade is an extremely economical blade that creates efficient cuts. The silver, thin notched diamond saw blade is manufactured using premium diamond grit (120#) that is pressed into the edge of a solid steel core. Thin rims make these blades suitable for cutting and trimming material such as turquoise, aqua, garnet, corundum, emerald and ruby.

All thin notched diamond saw blades have 5/8" arbors and come with 1/2" bushings.

Please note: This diamond saw blade must be run with a lubricant such as water or oil. NEVER run dry! We recommend using a good quality cutting oil with these blades. To enhance the performance and lifespan of these blades, abide by the recommended operating speeds and spin-dry your blade after use to prevent any rusting.

Customer Reviews

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Lane Baguss
Great little blade.

Cheap and works well on Agate.

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