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The DopStation is one of the best dopping systems available on the market. It not only melts dop wax in under 15 minutes, but keeps it softened at the right temperature. Advanced features makes this dop pot a popular tool and eases the cabbing process. Comes complete with dop wax and dop sticks.

The DopStation complete comes with everything you need to start dopping your stones. The DopStation dop pot features a lighted power switch for easy on/off indication, a storage space to store dop wax and dop sticks, and a wide bezel to easily pre-heat your stones. Its non-stick surface melts dop wax fast and keeps it at the right temperature while you work.

DopStation complete includes

DopStation specifications
Voltage and plug style:  Available in 110V/115V U.S. plug only
Cord length:  6 ft

Customer Reviews

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Peta D
Great little dopping station

I'd never even known what a dopping station was until recently and once I got my slant cabber I knew this was a must. Great tool in helping with the lapidary arts - wax sticks very good to the rock. Love the little ledge to heat up the rocks and the holders to hold the dop sticks. Biggest peeve is how hard it is to get the rocks off the stick - accidentally dunked one of my test rocks in the wax trying to remove it lol...All in all I'm very happy with how this performs and would recommend it to anyone looking for a dopp station.

George M Wilson
dopp station

Excellent product reasonable price fast shipping totally satisfied AAA

william bedford
Dop Station

its a great tool it does what it said and got it fast I like this company and will be useing them for all my needs

Mark Gunn

only try it a few time it work great so far.

Millie McCutcheon
Best little dopping station in town!

Thanks for another great product that works as it should. The melting is quick and the process is easy!

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