Electroplated diamond laps

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Hi-Tech Diamond electroplated diamond laps provide a flat grinding surface for both rough and fine grinding on stones and glass. Top-grade diamond powder is nickel electroplated uniformly onto a 1mm-thick steel disc. This diamond disc is then professionally bound to an acrylic backing plate, making it ready for use. Because the diamond disc is made of steel, these laps have a long lifespan and are well-suited for more heavy-duty grinding. These electroplated diamond laps are used on our All-U-Need and Slant Cabber lap machines, and can be used on all other lap machines that accept 1/2″ arbors.

6" and 8" diameter laps are available in a large variety of different diamond grits. All laps have 1/2" arbor holes.

Please note: Max RPM is 4,000.

Customer Reviews

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pretty good

not very expierenced with the flat lap but i found these to be so much better than the soothing discs. Right now i use these discs to prep the rocks before i tumble them and i've been very pleased with the results and its cutting several weeks off the tumble time. I would recommend them and suggest looking at use the sponge backing plate with them too, believe it helps make a better cab. I didn't know about that until after i bought my stuff so don't really know much about them.

hope this helps someone

Grant Barber

I've tried various alternatives for diamond laps...plates reused for thin diamond disks, other brands. This version works best for me...quality of results, longer lasting. I'm buying one a month until I have the range of grits that can do what I want, starting with 80 then 5 additional steps to 3000.

Jessica Reyer

I do not have much experience using lap equipment, therefore, nothing to compare them too. I have used the 8" discs for about 9 months. They seem great. They do what I need them to do. I have had no issues. I have 60, 100, 180 and 260. My 180 gets the most use. I haven't needed to order more yet. I found sometimes the 180 would leave small scratches if going to the polishing pads, so I got the 260 and that has stopped that problem.

W. W.
Excellent Laps

These are durable and work very well. I hooked up a water delivery system so I don't have to keep adding water every 10-15 minutes.
I recommend getting the Laps that are already attached to the acrylic disc. They are much easier to use and worth the price.
My 180 grit Lap shaped over 400 pieces of jewelry. I replaced it after about 18 months of use BUT, I still use it for some pieces.
I have the 80, 100 and 180 grit. I use the 100 and 180 the most.

Randal Richardson
These work great for me.

While I'm more of a novice right now, these work great for me and I've had great results from them.
I ordered these because I needed to fill in the blanks from the missing grits that don't come with the all you need.

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