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The DopStation is one of the best dopping systems available on the market. It not only melts dop wax in under 15 minutes, but keeps it softened at the right temperature. Advanced features makes this dop pot a popular tool and eases the cabbing process. Comes complete with dop wax and dop sticks.

The DopStation complete comes with everything you need to start dopping your stones. The DopStation dop pot features a lighted power switch for easy on/off indication, a storage space to store dop wax and dop sticks, and a wide bezel to easily pre-heat your stones. Its non-stick surface melts dop wax fast and keeps it at the right temperature while you work.

DopStation complete includes

DopStation specifications
Voltage and plug style:  Available in 110V/115V U.S. plug only
Cord length:  6 ft

Customer Reviews

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Lyle Mings
Works Great

A Dop station is a Dop station but the extra wide lip for warming up rocks is perfect for lapidary work!

Gina G
Didn’t work for my needs

Using it for sanding small glass pieces, some with texture on top. Wax
Stuck to glass and was a pain to remove. Had some issues with the wax not sticking but it may have been user error but I was not willing to put in the effort to correct since I had the other issue.
Also, that wax has a strong smell. Yes, similar to the old days of sealing wax but I am extremely smell sensitive which made this impossible to use.

Ryan Vanne
Works great

Dip station works great…way easier than I thought. A must for smaller pieces and big hands

Dop Station

Love it. Easy to use and I still have all my fingertips!

Michael Chung
Dopping made easy...

Not only did Hi-Tech Diamond's price beat anything on Amazon or Ebay (at the time of purchase), it made my first try at dopping a stone for cabbing simple and easy. Wax melted in a very short time and stayed at the right consistency throughout my session. The wax held great while cabbing a piece of jasper and, after I was done and put the dopped stone in the freezer for about 5 minutes, the dowel and wax came of cleanly and easily using a utility knife. I have since ordered more wax made by Inland.

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