10" Slab saw table



THESE TABLES ARE AVAILABLE! - IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTE: THESE TABLES ARE AVAILABLE! However, we request that you contact us first before purchasing, as our table models have changed in the past years. This will help us determine what table model you need to properly fit your 10" Slab saw machine. If you need to order a table, simply email us at sales@hitechdiamond.com with a photo of the UNDERSIDE of your table. If you prefer calling, we can assist you over the phone at (630) 596-9909.

The 10" slab saw table is a replacement part for the 10″ slab saw. There is no inhibiting lip. What you see in the picture is exactly how it comes. Note: This part is compatible with the Hi-Tech Diamond 10" slab saw machine ONLY.

Slab saw table dimensions: 19-3/4" L X 12" W X 3/4" H. If you have an older machine and are not sure if this part will fit properly, please email sales@hitechdiamond.com or call us at 1 (630) 596-9909 and we will assist you.

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