5-piece diamond file sets

SKU: FSO-180


Hi-Tech Diamond 5-piece diamond file sets are used by hobbyists and metal workers for precise filing on stone, metal, glass and sculptures. They are also ideal for delicate filing, shaping and creating inside cuts. Files are nickel electroplated uniformly using 180# diamond grit onto high-grade steel. Different file shapes included in these sets offer a variety of use for different applications. Our 5-piece diamond file sets are available in two different sizes.

Our 5-piece diamond file sets include the following file shapes:

  • Equaling file
  • Half-round file
  • Triangle file
  • Square file
  • Round file

Our 5-piece diamond file sets come in two sizes (A and B).

  • A:  5.5" overall length (including handle), 2" cutting surface, 2" handle length
  • B:  4.75" overall length (including handle), 1.75" cutting surface, 2.25" handle length

Diamond file sets come pre-packaged in a plastic pouch. Files are not sold separately.

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