6" Trim saw vise

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Save your fingers! Our saw vise attachments secure your rock, mineral and glass pieces while you cut so you don't have to put your hands near the saw blade. Simply bolt this accessory on your Hi-Tech Diamond saw machine, secure your material, then manually advance the carriage to feed your material evenly into the saw blade. Get safe, precise cuts every time! Made exclusively for the Hi-Tech Diamond 6″ trim saw.

Important purchasing notes: This 6" trim saw vise is compatible with the Hi-Tech Diamond 6" trim saw ONLY. Saw vise is NOT gravity feed or hands-free; you need to manually advance the carriage into the saw blade to cut. Vise color may vary.

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For Serious
Adequate. Can be improved quite a bit.

I got this to be used on something that is not a trim saw. I looked into having a machine shop build me a vise, and this is significantly cheaper.
Works well enough for the intended compatible trim saws.
Very sturdy and built to last.
Built with getting wet in mind.
Base plate is made by bending. That means the corners are rounded and the vise does not rest on the base when tightened.
The rubber pads could be fastened right on the edge instead of back as far as they are.
(Not a real con, but the angle that looks like its 45 degrees, is not 45 degrees. It's close.)

For the price this costs: They should be able to mill the corner after the bend to make it square, cut the guide slot lower so it can rest on the base while tightened, all at the same price.
Because they didn't, when I do it myself, it's going to remove the protective coating.
If they were to implement these changes, it would increase clamping security. If they put the rubber pad closer to the edge, it would allow for more security on slimmer slab cuts.

All of you that think I'm using it wrong. Why don't I just push the rock to the bottom before tightening? I am trying out new things. The trick is my rocks are small and I need more precision than this was intended to have. Looking at the rock in the picture, if I turn it on its wider side, it doesn't quite make it up to the rubber pad—it's not very secure if it does. I will need to do that because I'm mounting this vise onto a rotation stage to cut more precise angles.

Donald Howard
This 6" Trim Saw vise actually works!

Our sons purchased the Hi-Tech 6" trim saw for my wife for Christmas. They gave her a choice. I suggested she choose the version with the 6" trim saw vise. She chose the version without. She loves the saw, but after cutting rocks for a couple of days, she was getting cramps in her thumbs from trying to hold the 2" size rocks she was working with. Guess what?... I purchased the saw vise. The difference?... Night and day. I'm a wood worker and have purchased many saw vises and guide fences for everything form my Ban Saw, Table saw, to my drill press. The good ones can get expensive, but they usually function very well, and hold up for a long time. I thought this 6" Trim saw vise was a little pricey for the parts and how it's designed, but it actually works great! Hi-Tech's video shows it holding a very flat faced square rock. That should be easy, even for a low budget vise. My concerned was with odd shaped rounded stones. I set up the vise, which was simple, and made all the necessary adjustments. I ran a couple of tests while my wife watched, before turning it over to her. It worked quite well. Now she's using it and loves it. It made a world of difference, not only in the accuracy of cutting slabs, but in hand fatigue as well. It's also safer than just hand holding, especially for beginners. It does slide along the guide rod fairly easy, and so far, it clamps the stone securely. I did use some 0000 steel wool to smooth and polish the guide rod because it came oxidized and a tad rough. Not that it wouldn't work, but it's so much smoother now and the vise slides really well. 0000 steel wool will not remove enough material to be concerned about, and the guide rod still fits snugly into the plastic bushings, so there's no play at all. Just make sure everything is adjusted properly and snugly before you start cutting. And always ware safety glasses or goggles. I can definitely recommend this accessory because it does the job it was designed to do. And my wife is very happy about that!

william bedford

it works great wish it held biger stones but for that i will get a biger saw then i bought the saw I said I dont need that but it is the differences you need between good and grate if you think you dont need it you do

John s Gilpin
Nice bit of kit

Thought at first it was expensive for what it was, but it it very solid and fits easy and operates very easy and smooth not cut anything yet but I am sure it will do the job without difficulty
A note for the design team for the saw it needs a drain tap to assist in emptying, is I am very old and disabled would help a lot.
Cheers John

Peter Chesko
Accurate slicing/slabbing

When I ordered my 6" saw I got the vise with it. It is nice to cut slices as thin or as thick as you'd like. And the guide/vise assures that the slab is even and let's not forget this really helps with blade life.
When I need to do a simple cut or trimming facet rough the vise is easily swung over and out of the way without tools or having to remove it. This saw and it's vise will pay for itself with it's accuracy and thin blade kerf by saving costly material.
And one last thing- I've been cutting for decades and have used quite a few saws... Everything about this one is excellent; Quiet, powerful and easy to clean.

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