All-U-Need arbor



The All-U-Need arbor fits onto the shaft of all Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need lap machine. It secures the diamond discs and laps. What you see in the picture is exactly how it comes. Arbor fits both 6" and 8" models.


  • Arbor - made of aluminum and comes pre-greased for easy installation
  • Set screw - this is installed inside the arbor and is mandatory for adjusting the arbor with a hexagonal wrench
  • Clear tube - the tube helps prevent water from leaking down the shaft and into the motor

All-U-Need arbor dimensions: 2" L X 2" W X 1-1/4" H. Fits onto 3/8" motor shafts. The hole on top of the arbor is 1/2" to fit laps with 1/2" arbor holes. If you have an older machine and are not sure if this part will fit properly, please email or call us at 1 (630) 596-9909 and we will assist you.

IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTE: This part is specially designed for use on Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need machines ONLY. This includes both All-U-Need rock/mineral and All-U-Need glass/crystal models.

Customer Reviews

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William Koob
Much-needed spare part

The arbor that came with my original All-U-Need machine was clearly worn out, causing my grinding discs and polishing pads to wobble and make noise. My new arbor has corrected that problem completely, restoring smooth grinding and polishing operation.

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