Electroplated diamond laps

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Hi-Tech Diamond electroplated diamond laps provide a flat grinding surface for both rough and fine grinding on stones and glass. Top-grade diamond powder is nickel electroplated uniformly onto a 1mm-thick steel disc. This diamond disc is then professionally bound to an acrylic backing plate, making it ready for use. Because the diamond disc is made of steel, these laps have a long lifespan and are well-suited for more heavy-duty grinding. These electroplated diamond laps are used on our All-U-Need and Slant Cabber lap machines, and can be used on all other lap machines that accept 1/2″ arbors.

6" and 8" diameter laps are available in a large variety of different diamond grits. All laps have 1/2" arbor holes.

Please note: Max RPM is 4,000.

Customer Reviews

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David Jenkins
(Almost) All U Need

Adding the 80 and 260# laps with 220 and 3000# smoothing disks has finally allowed me to polish my geodes and thunder eggs to a worthy shine.

Paul Polinski
Great lap

Hi tech diamond makes great gem laps.

Richard Heibeck
Happy to the max.

I slice and dice regular rocks for my art. These work better than others I've tried from Amazon. Fairly quick shipping. Packaged well. Customer support is excellent. Picture is what I do. Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Need help

I bought the electroplated 3000 diamond lap disc when I probably should have bought the 3000 grit polishing pad to go with the discs included with my slant lap. I tried it out last night and it didn't seem to do any good and felt odd going from a softer brown, red, then blue disc to this hard metal plate. I felt like it did absolutely nothing. I paid a lot of money for this disc and I don't think I will ever use it again. I used it with the water like the first few discs. Am I using it wrong?

Hi Joanne - We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some undesired results. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can assist you with some tips and tricks. Our email address is sales@hitechdiamond.com and our phone number is (630) 596-9909. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

mark s

Excellent quality, nicely balanced with no vibration. I bought his for grinding a piece of black granite, and it did great!

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