Pro-Flow water cooling system for All-U-Need

SKU: 80-001

$23.75 $25

Our Pro-Flow water cooling system increases your water reservoir capacity on the All-U-Need flat lap machine. That means hours of drops without having to refill!

You can order the Pro-Flow attachment by itself or combined with either a one-gallon pressure tank or a submersible water pump. The pressure tank provides hours of drips with the occasional priming, while the submersible water pump lasts even longer in a five-gallon bucket. Also included, is a long drain tube to replace the short drain tube originally included with the All-U-Need. Place this tube in a five-gallon bucket (not included) to reduce the time spent emptying your dirty water.

Dimensions: Pro-Flow attachment tube's outer diameter measures 1/4″ X 5' long; drain tube's outer diameter measures 5/8″ X 4-1/2' long.

Power: The submersible water pump is available in both 110 volts and 220 volts.

IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTE: This Pro-Flow water cooling system is specially designed for use on Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need machines ONLY. This includes both All-U-Need rock/mineral and All-U-Need glass/crystal models.

Customer Reviews

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David Ellefson
Both systems work great depending on your needs.

The hand pump water system works ok but you need to keep it filled with water if you are grinding and polishing for longer periods of time and you need to keep to keep an eye on keeping pump pressure.
The electric pump is great with zero issues. I have the pump in a five gallon bucket of water and that provides me hours of rock shaping and polishing. Both systems come with everything you need and set up is simple.

Deborah Lynde

Works as described, very easy to set up and use

Randy Allemand
User Friendly Pro -Flow

Very easy to set up . Water flow and direction works great. Would buy it again….THANKS

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