Pro-Flow water cooling system for Slant Cabber

SKU: 80-005

$26 $30
Machine Model:

Our Pro-Flow water cooling system offers innovative ways to increase the water reservoir capacity while you work on the Slant Cabber lap machine. The Pro-Flow attachment conveniently clips onto any new/existing Slant Cabber machine and works with a pressure tank or submersible water pump. If you’re looking for an efficient water cooling system, then the Pro-Flow is for you.

The Pro-Flow water cooling system is used on Hi-Tech Diamond Slant Cabber machines to increase the water reservoir capacity, providing you hours of drips without having to refill. The Pro-Flow attachment can be ordered separately or combined with either a one-gallon pressure tank or a submersible water pump. The pressure tank provides hours of drips with the occasional priming, while the submersible water pump lasts even longer in a five-gallon bucket.

Dimensions: Tubing's outer diameter measures 1/4".

Power: The submersible water pump is available in both 110 volts and 220 volts.

IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTES: Make sure you choose the correct Pro-Flow model for your Slant Cabber. All Slant Cabber machines manufactured after January 1st, 2017 are made with a white, modular water tube. All Slant Cabber machines manufactured before January 1st, 2017 were made with a copper water tube. Check your machine before purchasing the Pro-Flow. If you are purchasing the Pro-Flow with a Slant Cabber machine, you have the model with the white, modular water tube. This Pro-Flow water cooling system is specially designed for use on Hi-Tech Diamond Slant Cabber machines ONLY. This includes both Slant Cabber rock/mineral and Slant Cabber glass/crystal models.

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