Tech-11 polishing pads

SKU: 33-321


Hi-Tech Diamond Tech-11 polishing pads put an exceptional polish on stone and glass material. Simply charge with a polishing media, such as diamond paste, cerium oxide or tin oxide to get the polish you desire. Made with high-density wool felt, the 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing on the backside provides easy application to backing plates with a stay-put fit.

6" and 8" diameter pads available. Tech-11 polishing pads have 1/2" arbor holes.

Please note: Only use one polishing media/mesh per Tech-11 polishing pad. Do not mix different media/mesh on the same pad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
C E Hickman
Simple product that really works

This order was for replacement pads. The prior ones worked very very well. As with all such products, they eventually wore out. Not going to replace them with anything other than Hi-Tech Diamond.

Ann Roten
Love it

Just what we needed. Works great.

Michael Bucco
Love it.

Great polishing pad, the one that came with my hitech diamond flat lap lasted 5 years of regular use, polishing well over 1,000 cabochons before an especially pointed cab finally tore through the felt

Murray Arnold
Just what I needed

Great price and service. PSA backed product met My needs.

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