Thick notched diamond saw blade


Blade Specifications:

The Hi-Tech Diamond thick notched diamond saw blade is manufactured using premium diamond grit (120#) that is pressed into the edge of a solid steel core. Thick kerfs and stiff cores make these blades suitable for industrial lapidary cutting and slabbing agates, jades and geodes.

All diamond saw blades have 5/8" arbors and come with 1/2" bushings.

Please note: This diamond saw blade must be run with a lubricant such as water or oil. NEVER run dry! We recommend using a good quality cutting oil with this blade. To enhance the performance and lifespan of these blades, abide by the recommended operating speeds and spin-dry your blade after use to prevent any rusting. 

Customer Reviews

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shane alexander

It is nice but noticed it’s omnidirectional , and the thinner one i learned the hard way by accidentally screwing it on the wrong way . I also feel like this is coming from a general distributer over seas , because i bought a 8inch on Amazon months ago and it’s the SAME exact one as the thin notched . Same sticker on it . OVERALL the thick notched was good , but rough , maybe if it wasn’t omnidirectional it may have a smoother cut .

John Clark

I haven't used this blade as of this date.

Ragnar Rocks
The Blade You Need For The Hard Stuff!

I mostly cut chalcedony and it just tears up my thin blades! This one is the perfect thickness to get the job done, highly recommend it!

Harold Bognar

Very satisfied with the new blades. I plan to purchase many more in the future. Excellent service also just as always.
Many thanks
Harold Bognar

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