Fuse glass grinder bit

Fuse glass grinder bit


Hi-Tech Diamond fuse glass grinder bit is used for shaping and grinding the edges of glass pieces. If you’re a glass artist, these grinder bits are essential. We have a large variety of different grits available in sizes that fit 3/8″ arbors and 5/16″ arbors.

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Hi-Tech Diamond fuse glass grinder bit is essential for shaping and grinding the edges of glass pieces. All grinder bits are 1″ diameter and come with a set-screw Allen wrench and square-shaped sponge to keep your glass piece cool while you work.

We have a variety of different grits available, ranging from 60# to 600#, in sizes that fit 3/8″ arbors and 5/16″ arbors.

Don’t see the grit you want in the size you need? We have an adapter for that! Our glass grinder bit adapter is designed to convert glass grinder bits with 3/8″ arbor holes into glass grinder bits with 5/16″ arbor holes. This adapter makes it possible for all glass grinder bits to fit onto all lap machines.

IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTE: The 3/8″ arbor size grinder bits are specially designed to fit onto both All-U-Need rock/mineral and All-U-Need glass/crystal lap machines ONLY. The 5/16″ arbor size grinder bits are designed to fit onto other glass grinder machines that accept a 5/16″ arbor.

WARNING: Proposition 65 warning for California residents

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3/8", 5/16"


60#, 80#, 100#, 220#, 360#, 600#