Thick notched diamond saw blade

Thick notched diamond saw blade


The Hi-Tech Diamond green, thick notched diamond saw blade is a very efficient cutting blade that is well-suited for industrial lapidary cutting. This saw blade is designed for slabbing large material such as agates, jades and geodes.

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Product description

The Hi-Tech Diamond green, thick notched diamond saw blade is manufactured using premium diamond grit (120#) that is pressed into the edge of a solid steel core. Thick kerfs and stiff cores make these blades suitable for industrial lapidary cutting and slabbing agates, jades and geodes.

All diamond saw blades have 5/8″ arbors and come with 1/2″ bushings.

Please note: This diamond saw blade must be run with a lubricant such as water or oil. NEVER run dry! We recommend using a good quality cutting oil with this blade. To enhance the performance and lifespan of these blades, abide by the recommended operating speeds and spin-dry your blade after use to prevent any rusting.

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6", 8", 10"

Blade specifications

.025" core X .031" kerf, .031" core X .044" kerf