Diamond smoothing discs

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Important purchasing note: These smoothing discs are sold individually.

Hi-Tech Diamond diamond smoothing discs ensure rapid removal of scratches and high spots on cabochons. They also smooth large, flat areas in channel inlay work and are perfect for smoothing, refining and polishing a wide range of material such as glass, gemstones, synthetic material and even metal. These diamond smoothing discs come with our All-U-Need rock/mineral and Slant Cabber rock/mineral lap machines.

Using a proprietary technique, Hi-Tech Diamond diamond smoothing discs use a high concentration of premium diamond that is loaded onto each disc to provide an extremely aggressive grinding rate yet leaves an exceptionally smooth surface finish. Each disc is color-coded to easily determine what grit the disc is. These diamond smoothing discs are guaranteed to out-perform silicon carbide sanding discs and other diamond compound finishing systems. They do not crack or peel.

6"- and 8"-diameter diamond smoothing discs are available. All discs come with a 1/2" arbor hole and 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that bonds to backing plates, flexible discs and polishing heads. Optional sponge pads may be inserted under these smoothing discs to create a soft touch for cabochon work.

Please note: You will need a backing plate to use these smoothing discs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Donna Hentsch
Too Dang Expensive for What They Are

They work well, they are necessary, and they are now insanely priced for what they are.

Kim DeDominicis
Nice product

These discs do a great job. In fact they work as well as cabbing wheels. They are quite pricey, though. They do not come with the backing plate and recommend sponge backing. There should be an option to purchase all of these together. I did not understand that I needed all of these until I got my machine. I had to place a second (expensive) order and wait to be able to use my machine. Hi-Tech Diamond needs to be more clear about this.

John Blough

Great product which last a long time.
Highly recommended.

robert goodwin

I've used these before. They do wear out, but last a long time they work great and are essential on a slant cabber Bob

Randy Bywater

Highly recommended great service five stars

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