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Electricity Supply:

Our American-made 4″/5″ trim saw makes the perfect saw for trimming-out cabochon preforms in rocks, minerals and glass, or to cleanly trim smaller faceting material. This saw includes TWO different size saw blades, one 4″ and one 5″ silver notched diamond saw blade. Two different size saw blades gives you two different blade height options to accommodate the height of your cutting material.

The Hi-Tech Diamond 4"/5" trim saw is manufactured with a 5/8" arbor and will accept any 4" or 5" saw blade that has a 5/8" arbor. The saw table has a generous work area, measuring 7-1/2" L X 4-3/4" W. The housing is made of unbreakable, cross-linked polyethylene that makes it rustproof and easy to clean. Installed in each saw is a 1/4 hp, heavy-duty, direct drive permanent magnet motor with sealed ball bearings. The motor is variable speed and can deliver speeds from 800 to 3,400 rpm. The coolant reservoir is built right into the base of the machine and can hold up to 8 ounces of water. The removable saw table that covers the reservoir makes cleanup easy. The splash guard that comes with the machine keeps water off you and on your piece, making it easier for you to work.

This Hi-Tech Diamond 4"/5" trim saw machine comes with TWO different size silver notched diamond saw blades. The included 4" blade allows you to cut a maximum height of 1". The included 5" saw blade allows you to cut a maximum height of 1-1/2". These saw blades are designed for cutting and trimming rock material such as turquoise, aqua, garnet, corundum, emerald and ruby.

Electricity supply

Make sure you choose the right power supply for your machine. The 220 volt models are available only for overseas customers that require 220V - 240V power supply. All 220 volt models are manufactured with this CE rated, Type F plug (see below):

international type f plug

International customers

We are not responsible for any import duties or customs charges. Any such fees incurred to receive your package are not covered by us. Please consult your country's customs policy for more information.

4"/5" trim saw includes

4"/5" trim saw specifications

  • Machine dimensions: 13" L X 9-1/2" W X 7" H
  • Machine weight: 10 lbs
  • Saw housing construction: rustproof, cross-linked polyethylene
  • Motor type: 1/4 hp variable speed direct drive motor with speeds ranging between 800 rpm - 3,400 rpm
  • Motor voltage: 115V or 220V
  • 4" saw blade height: 1"
  • 5" saw blade height: 1-1/2"
  • 4" saw blade depth: 3-1/4"
  • 5" saw blade depth: 4-1/2"
  • Country of origin: U.S.A.
  • Shipped from: U.S.A.
Extended warranty program

You’re about to make a smart investment by purchasing a Hi-Tech Diamond trim saw machine so protect it with our extended warranty program. Our extended warranties extend the one-year manufacturer warranty that is included with the trim saw. Choose from either a one- or two-year warranty extension. We recommend purchasing this extended warranty at the same time you purchase your Hi-Tech Diamond machine.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Love everything about this saw! I ordered 5 inch blades from Amazon and the middle hole is larger than the originals which doesn't allow it to be flush mounting it on where you tighten and secure it. PLEASE HELP! WANT TO USE IT MORE

Hi David - We are so happy to hear that you love your trim saw! We encourage you to reach out to our customer service team at (630) 596-9909 or email us at sales@hitechdiamond.com so that we can assist you with replacement blades. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

GREAT small saw

Works great. Easy to set up and go. Clean up quick and easy. So little water used that just a couple of paper towels soak up the water and the mess is minimal. Cuts easily and cleanly, soft matetial like glass or harder material like jade.

John Kinslow
Buy It!!

This is an exceptional saw! Solidly built and well worth the money. It cuts like a dream, lightweight, portable and very versatile. I own two different saws in this class from other competitors and can say with absolute certainty that you will be hard pressed finding a more capable saw for the money anywhere out there. I have made several purchases now from Hi-Tech Diamond and can say from experience, they engineer top quality products and their customer service is second to none. They also ship lightning fast! Just buy it, you'll be glad you did.

Trina Lowe

My boyfriend absolutely loved it, fairly easy to assemble and works great

Gayle Colvin
Great easy to use out of the box

I’m a novice jewelry maker, and I’ve been to the past six months everything I did I used a Dremel. Well like most students I graduated, and in doing so I wanted a real machine that would be able to save me a lot of the hard work and even more save me time.

And this is where I found Hi Tech Diamond and their amazing array of tools for the novice and even the expert - and I’m somewhere inbetween.

I highly recommend this machine as your first machine graduating from the hand tools. It’s easy to use, the instructions are great, and Customer Service is perfection.

Literally out of the box, following me instructions or one quick phone call to Hi Tech Diamond customer service and you’re up and running everything you need is right there.

Each of the customer service reps I’ve spoke know their business, know their machines, and they have talked thousands of us - walking us through any issues we think we’ve have.

You will not find a better made machine (unless you’re willing to spend $5000 for a cab king or something like that, and they can help you get that too). There’s nothing Hi Tech Diamond can’t find for you.

And they will bend over backwards to accommodate you - trust me, I was probably their most frustrating customer the first 6 mts. They never gave up on me, never acted like they were pulling out their hair while I probably was driving them to distractions. Others sell their machines, but no one has their customer service.

Update: As was predicted by customer service reps, I have graduated from the smaller to the 6 inch trim saw and slant grinder. I am very happy with that decision, and next year I intend to have the slab saw again… The one that scared me so much year ago, and again customer service said one day I would be ready for it and they are right. You’re not gonna get a better customer service

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