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Our American-made 10″ slab saw is a powerful, economical saw machine that is used for slabbing larger rocks, minerals and glass into more manageable pieces. This saw includes TWO different types of 10″ saw blades to best-suit your cutting material; one notched diamond saw blade and one sintered diamond saw blade. Saws are available with or without the saw vise accessory.

The Hi-Tech Diamond 10" slab saw is manufactured with a 5/8" arbor and will accept any 10" saw blade that has a 5/8" arbor. The large, removable saw table gives you plenty of room and allows for some carving ability, measuring 19-3/4" L X 12" W. The housing is made of unbreakable, cross-linked polyethylene that makes it rustproof and easy to clean. Installed in each slab saw is a 1/3 hp motor to provide plenty of strength for large cuts, delivering a speed of 1,725 rpm. The coolant reservoir is built right into the base of the machine. Simply drain the reservoir with the built-in drain plug, which makes cleanup fast and easy. The splash guard that comes with the machine keeps water off you and on your piece, making it easier for you to work.

This Hi-Tech Diamond 10" slab saw machine comes with TWO different types of 10" saw blades to best-suit your cutting material. The notched diamond saw blade is designed for slabbing large rocks and minerals such as agates, jades and geodes, while the sintered diamond saw blade is designed for cutting large pieces of glass, topaz, quartz and fine agates.

Electricity supply

Make sure you choose the right power supply for your machine. The 220 volt models are available only for overseas customers that require 220V - 240V power supply. All 220 volt models are manufactured with this CE rated, Type F plug (see below):

international type f plug

Important purchasing note

If you would like to purchase a 220V - 240V model of this saw, please contact us at (630) 596-9909 or sales@hitechdiamond.com.

International customers

We are not responsible for any import duties or customs charges. Any such fees incurred to receive your package are not covered by us. Please consult your country's customs policy for more information.

10" slab saw specifications

  • Machine dimensions: 19" L X 21" W X 12" H
  • Machine weight: 35 lbs
  • Saw housing construction: rustproof, cross-linked polyethylene
  • Motor type: 1/3 hp motor
  • Motor voltage: 115V or 220V
  • Saw blade height: 3-3/4"
  • Saw blade depth: 9-3/4"
  • Country of origin: U.S.A.
  • Shipped from: U.S.A.

Optional accessories

The 10" slab saw is available with or without the saw vise. This useful accessory is a precision tool that secures and holds your valuable material while you cut. All you have to do is manually advance the carriage to feed your material into the saw blade. This is a great tool if you don’t want your hands near the blade or if you require very precise cuts. Installation is fast and easy. Make sure to check out our other useful saw accessory, the saw fence!

Extended warranty program

You’re about to make a smart investment by purchasing a Hi-Tech Diamond 10" slab saw machine so protect it with our extended warranty program. Our extended warranties extend the one-year manufacturer warranty that is included with the 10" slab saw. Choose from either a one- or two-year warranty extension. We recommend purchasing this extended warranty at the same time you purchase your Hi-Tech Diamond machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Wobble on both new blades .100"

I noticed a left to right wobble that measures .100" on each blade. I had the shaft form a burr and get stuck inside the brass block. I had to force the two pieces apart and customer service told me to use sand paper which I did. It would be better if there was a bearing in there.. My saw is only 2 months old and has about 4 total hour run time on it. I stuck to the 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off but if you do a 20 minute non-stop cut on a hot day your motor might stop on you and your thin sintered blade might go dish shaped curving your cuts noticably.. Good luck flat lapping a curved face.. so I'm already going to need to buy a new thin sintered blade to finish cutting some small agates open.. That blade literally has less than 3 hours on it.. So just reading the instructions won't guarantee you anything.


cannot ask more

Janine VanSickle
10 in slab saw

I like the 10 in slab saw very much.. I did not get a wobble when cutting my rocks on the saw as others have stated. I have only cut a few rock but for the most part I really like the saw. One improvement
I would like to see is a better way to drain the water from the tank. Maybe a long hose with an on and off valve. …not sure but when I drained the water from the tank It did not drain well. The water went all over and not straight down into mu bucket. It leaked all down the sides and spread under the table and all over the floor. I think the hole should come with a drain hose.
Also the rubber drain plug popped out twice with water flowing all over.

Robert Adair
Potentially dangerous.

The spindle needs to have left hand threads instead of right hand as the saw blade has a tendency of becoming loose after only a few cuts. Also a moter break would be of great help when assembling the saw.

Hi Robert - Thank you for your valued feedback. We are sorry to hear that the saw blade keeps coming loose. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can address your concerns, as this should not be happening. Our email address is sales@hitechdiamond.com and our phone number is (630) 596-9909. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

matthew porter
Poor value for the money

I purchased the saw, fence and vise. I can not get the fence to fit into the holes in the table. The plastic table flexes when you try to install it and I'm worried about breaking the table. I tried taking the table off and pushing it in while supporting the other side, but I still could not get it to fit. I gave up trying to test it during my first session. The vise installed just fine, but it gets in the way every time you try to take the table on and off. The nuts to tighten and loosen the vise are small and difficult to use. In addition, I found the saw did not cut well while using the vise and had much better luck manually feeding the rocks. I am disappointed in the flimsy plastic top. When I cut rocks, it sags and touches the arbor creating a lot of noise and vibration. After my first use one of the corner spacers came off. The saw cuts rock, but for $1000 I expected all of the pieces to fit and work properly.

Hi Matthew - Thank you for your valued feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some difficulty with our saw fence. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can address your concerns. Our email address is sales@hitechdiamond.com and our phone number is (630) 596-9909. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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