Sintered diamond saw blade dressing stick

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The Hi-Tech Diamond sintered diamond saw blade dressing stick is the perfect tool for sharpening your sintered diamond saw blades. Made out of 240# aluminum oxide and works best on 80#, 100#, 140#, and 200# sintered products.

The Hi-Tech Diamond sintered diamond saw blade dressing stick keeps your sintered diamond saw blades sharp and true. It removes the stone residue that builds up over time, which slows down the cutting performance of sintered products. Simply run this dressing stick through your sintered blade to sharpen. Made of aluminum oxide, this dressing stick is 240# and measures 6″ L X 1/2″ W X 1/2″ H.

Important purchasing note: Dressing sticks are for sintered diamond saw blades only. This includes our thin sintered saw blades and thick sintered saw blades. Using this dressing stick on non-sintered saw blades will quickly destroy your blades.

Customer Reviews

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William Cantrell

I have to give this a thumbs up, and it definitely helps, and I will be buying more

Daniel Karczewski
dressing stick

Did not work well cleaning up my blade.

Sintered diamond blade dressing stick.

There is a beneficial noticeable difference after using the dressing stick on my sintered diamond saw blades.

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