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Electricity Supply:

Our American-made All-U-Need is a flat lap machine that is one of the best on the market and has been for over 30 years. Grind, smooth and polish rocks and minerals to make free-form shapes and cabochons for necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces. Create flats for larger pieces or on the backs of cabochons. It’s also well-suited for polishing a large variety of natural and synthetic gem material, enamels and metals. The All-U-Need is available in both 6″ and 8″ models and comes with an accessory kit specially designed for grinding, smoothing and polishing rocks and minerals. (If you plan on polishing glass and/or crystal, we suggest purchasing the All-U-Need glass/crystal model.)

The Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need lap machine is manufactured with a 1/2" arbor and powered by a 1/4 hp, heavy-duty, ball bearing, DC motor. This motor is variable speed so you can work at whatever pace you desire, delivering speeds from 800 rpm to 3,400 rpm. This portable machine can be used anywhere. Whether you're at home, in the shop or on the road, this quiet machine won't disturb others around you. It's lightweight, rustproof and impact-resistant, making it even easier to travel with.

The coolant reservoir, which holds about a pint of water, prevents heat buildup while you work and removes dust particles so you don't inhale any harsh chemicals. That pint of water will give you two to three straight hours of work without refilling. The black splash guard keeps water off you so you don't get soaked while you work. Cleanup is as simple as it gets: Just remove the black spray shield, rinse with clean water and you're ready to work again.

Electricity supply

Make sure you choose the right power supply for your machine. The 220 volt models are available only for overseas customers that require 220V - 240V power supply. All 220 volt models are manufactured with this CE rated, Type F plug (see below):

international type f plug

International customers

We are not responsible for any import duties or customs charges. Any such fees incurred to receive your package are not covered by us. Please consult your country's customs policy for more information. For Europe sales, please contact Inland Craft Europe at For Australia sales, please visit Aussie Sapphire at

This All-U-Need lap machine comes with a rock/mineral accessory kit that allows you to work right out of the box. Our grinding and polishing process makes easy work of finishing quartz, agate, jasper, tourmaline, corundum, opal and a large variety of natural and synthetic gem material. This kit also works well with metals and enamels.

Rock/mineral accessory kit includes

Machine includes

All-U-Need (rock/mineral) specifications

  • Machine dimensions: 10" L X 10" W X 12" H
  • Machine weight: 9 lbs
  • Machine housing construction: rustproof, ABS plastic
  • Motor type: 1/4 hp variable speed direct drive motor with speeds ranging between 800 rpm - 3,400 rpm
  • Motor voltage: 115V or 220V
  • Country of origin: U.S.A.
  • Shipped from: U.S.A.

Want to increase the water reservoir capacity?

Our Pro-Flow water cooling system offers innovative ways to accomplish this and will provide you with hours of drips and use. Simply clip the attachment onto the All-U-Need and use with either a one-gallon pressure tank or submersible water pump.

Extended warranty program

You’re about to make a smart investment by purchasing a Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need machine so protect it with our extended warranty program. Our extended warranties extend the one-year manufacturer warranty that is included with the All-U-Need. Choose from either a one- or two-year warranty extension. We recommend purchasing this extended warranty at the same time you purchase your Hi-Tech Diamond machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mackenzie Diedrich
Everything's been good so far!

My experience with this machine so far has been good! 4 hours flew by during my first session using and practicing on it.

I would say, there are a few tips and quirks I've found that I want to share.
Pressure and Patience! A light touch and longer grind time are important, or else the diamond discs can leave deep scratches.
The tray will collect ultra fine 'mud', have a way to clear this out and do it often!
Don't grind into sharp angles! Even on your 'flat' pieces, put the smallest of chamfer edges on it during the shaping phase so that you don't end up shaving your polishing wheels down.
I haven't used them yet, but the sponge pads are not very thick. It will be more challenging getting a nice domed cabochon using this machine verses a cab king or other wheel based cabbing rig.

David Genson
Great unit.

Without changing to an expensive multi wheel cabbing unit you couldn't ask for anything more.

Alexis lorah
Very pleased

Excellent quality, I've been using it a lot! I do wish I bought more sanding disks, but beyond that, I'm very happy with it!

Updated review

In my original review I said that I didn't quite get the polish I wanted. I would like to update and correct my original review.
I can now say that it was ME and not the machine and pads. The pads that come with it will produce a great finish.
Make sure to wash your stones between steps and do not contaminate pads with other grit debris.
Excellent machine! Love it! Sorry about my original review.

Tiny Metal Trees
This thing is great!

Easy to set up. Easy to use.
I got the water pump and that was easy, too.
I am cleaning up/finishing tiles that I cut from rocks I collect, upon which I mount my artwork. My next order (after 1 day of working/testing) is more metal discs because the felt smoothing pads have a little flex to their surface which leaves a dead-spot on my bigger pieces, >3" across.
I wanted a nice silky finish that brought out the colors of a rock like water. The #325 brown pad was just about perfect, so I'm ordering both #265 and #365 metal discs to use after the #180.
O.K. I gotta go back to the grindstone now!

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